Kevin Stea: That Rogue Romeo: Machine + Magic (Signed CD) Standard

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Kevin (well known for 1 of the dancers and choreographers from Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour and in the film Truth Or Dare) is an American dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, director.  Kevin released his first studio album and a few years ago and we got a few limited edition official pressings direct from Kevin and they are signed!   This version comes in a slip case signed on the front and back. Also available the deluxe 2 disc set. 

HOT Dance club music that was recorded & mastered in Italy -  we highly recommend this album!!  All tracks written by Kevin and reflex some of his past relationships all done in a Club dancefloor vibe. Plus the emotional track "Man U Loved" that will tear at your heart.



City Of Glass

Can't Help Myself


Last Dance 

These 3 Words

Right Where We Belong




This Beat 

Man U Loved

Machine + Magic Joy 



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$ 15.00

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