Madonna - MADAME X remiXed CD -

borderline MUSIC

DJ pressing -Collection of official and un-official/boot/white label Hot club remixes of MADAME X in the same order as the original album. Housed in standard jewel case with front and back art.

1. Medellín (Rive Rokers Remix)  ft: Maluma

2. Dark Ballet (Obsessed With Fame Remix)

3. God Control (Skin Bruno’s 80s Mix)

4. Future (Arihlis Remix) ft: Quavo

5. Batuka (Hypnotic House Remix)

6. Killers Who Are Partying (FBR Flamenco Mix)

7. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Extended Mix) ft: Swae Lee

8. Crazy  (DJ Aron Remix)

9. Come Alive (Arihlis Dreams Real Remix)

10. Extreme Occident (Nephew’s Breakthrough Mix)

11. Far Gostoso (DJ Aron vem cá Remix) ft: Anitta

12. Bitch I’m Loca (Tel Aviv Pride Mix) ft: Maluma

13. I Don’t Search I Find (Platinum & Gold Remix)

14. Looking For Mercy (Stormy Mix)

15. I Rise (Thomas Gold Remix)

$ 17.98

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