Richard Marx - Songwriter - Ltd Red Vinyl with Signed Insert INDIE EXCLUSIVE - New

borderline MUSIC

2023 Indie Record stores Exclusive -- comes with signed photo insert not available to chain stores or Amazon. 


Very limited red double vinyl edition with inserts signed by Richard Marx. "I grew up loving all different kinds of music. I loved everyone from Elvis to the Eagles to Merle Haggard to Earth, Wind and Fire to Queen. As a songwriter, I've had not only the great opportunity but pretty decent success writing songs in multiple genres. I felt it was finally time to embrace the same opportunity not only as a writer but as a singer. It's my voice that supplies the common thread of all the different types of songs I wrote for this album", says Richard.

Songwriter showcases four sides of Richard Marx with 20 brand new songs crossing four musical genres - Pop, Rock, Country and Ballads. Co-writers on the set include Keith Urban, Darius Rucker and Burt Bacharach.



$ 45.00

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