Sam Smith ft: Kim Petras - UNHOLY (The Remixes) DJ series CD single

borderline MUSIC

Collection of 20 HOT remixes (official and unofficial) housed in a slim case with cover art. 

Remixes by: Guetta, Disclosure, AlteGo, Havid, Acraze, Sound Bass, TroyBoi Trap and more. 

In Stock Now. 

1. Extended Mix 
2. Sound Bass Mix 
3. Leon Kold Remix
4. Nitti Griit Remix
5. TroyBoi Remix
6. Acraze Remix
7. David Guetta Acid Remix
8. Disclosure Remix
9. Onur Ensert Remix
10. Crankdat Remix
11. ALTÉGO  Remix
12. Dj Dark Remix 
13. Havid Remix
14. Vial Remix
15. ZEWMØB  G-Mix
16. Flip Reset Mix
17. Marcelo Almeida & Ennzo Dias Club Mix
18. Enelek Baaric Remix
19. Shelco Remix
20. Wanderson XVR Extended Mix 

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