Stacey Q - Better Than Heaven Remastered + Expanded 2CD Import set - New + Bonus REMIX CD 1985-2010


Sold out right now, but more are arriving (on or around)  October 11, 2022 - Place your orders to guarantee a bonus remix collection.

2CD Import.  a long overdue 2CD reissue of Stacey Q's debut album, ‘Better Than Heaven’, originally released in 1986! Featuring all the original tracks, plus bonus material, remixes, and with 19 of the tracks appearing on CD for the first time.

  • - Disc 1 -
  •  Two of Hearts
  •  We Connect
  •  Insecurity
  •  Better Than Heaven
  •  Don't Let Me Down
  •  Music Out of Bounds
  •  Love or Desire
  •  Don't Break My Heart
  •  He Doesn't Understand
  •  Dancing Nowhere
  •  Two of Hearts (Q-Mix Edit)
  •  We Connect (Dance Radio Edit)
  •  Insecurity (Guitar Mix)
  •  Music Out of Bounds (Edit)
  •  Dancing Nowhere
  • - Disc 2 -
  •  Two of Hearts (European Dance Mix)
  •  We Connect (European Mix)
  •  Insecurity (USA Dance Mix)
  •  Music Out of Bounds (Out of Bounds Mix)
  •  Two of Hearts (Q-Mix)
  •  Two of Hearts (Original Mix)
  •  We Connect (Safari Mix)
  •  Insecurity (Instrumental)
  •  Music Out of Bounds (Instrumental)
  •  Two of Hearts (Instrumental)
  • Insecurity (Bonus Beats 1)
  • Insecurity (Bonus Beats 2)
  • Stacey's Dream (Acapella)
  •  We Connect (12" Dance Radio Edit)
  • Two of Hearts (CD Album Version)

Limited Offer - we will include a bonus Best of Remixes 1985-2010 -- Just a Few bonus REMIX CDs left.

Two Of Hearts  (Original 12" Mix)

We Connect (European Dance Mix)

Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself (12" Re-Mix)

Give Me All Your Love (House Mix)

I Love You (St. James Club Mix)

Insecurity  (USA Dance Mix)

Music Out Of Bounds (Music Out Of Bounds Mix)

Pandora's Box (JSJ's Wide Open Mix)

Trip (St. James Extended Journey Mix)

Shy Girl (Dub Version)

Too Hot For Love (On Top Version)

Two Of Hearts (Moist Mix)



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