Girls Aloud - Tangled Up (Import CD)

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2007 album from the successful UK girl-group produced by long-standing collaborators Xenomania. Tangled Up is the girls' fifth album overall. The high-octane rush of 'Sexy! No No No!', the album's first single, has already become a 21st Century Pop classic. 'I Can't Speak French' sounds like a contemporary take on the classic girl-groups of yester-year while the famous Girls Aloud attitude is present in force on 'Blackjack' and 'Fling' which deliver the girls in full-on raucous mode, synths, bass and sassy lyrics turned up to the maximum. 12 tracks. Polydor. New

1. Call the Shots

2. Close To Close 

3. Sexy! No No No...

4. Girls Overboard

5. Can't Speak French

6. Black Jacks

7. Control Of The Knife

8. FLing

9. What You Crying For

10. I'm Falling

11. Damn

12. Crocodile Tears 



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