Claude Challe presents: EMMANUELLE (The Private Collection) Used CD

borderline MUSIC

Claude Challe - the creator of BUDDHA BAR - 

France / 2004 Import CD - used l

17.M.  Jeremiah's Days 2:16

2Natasja Vermeer & Laurent Dury  Emmanuelle 3:46

3Laurent Dury  Aqua (Détente Et Évasion) 5:26

4Sherazade Mon Palais De Solitude 4:59

5Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell King In My Empire (King Version)

6Mondomo  Penso Ascoltando  6:15

7Afterlife  Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix)

8Natasja Vermeer  Fairy Dust 7:41

9Ohm-G  Indian Samba  5:29

10Louie Vega  Jungle Fever 4:04

11Hi Perspective  Adios Nonino (Electronic Mix)

Featuring – Lady Gattica

12Chumbera  Melissa 5:08  

$ 8.99

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