Downtown Lounge (Pottery Barn) Various - CD - Used

Borderline MUSIC

2004 Exclusive release from Pottery Barn ft: Cool Remixes of some iconic jazz songs. 

Genre: Electronic Jazz
Style: Downtempo Jazz, Electronic Jazz, Electronic Lounge.
1 Ella Fitzgerald  Wait 'Till You See Him (De-Phazz Remix)
2 Zero 7  Destiny
3 Fila Brazillia  Nature Boy
4 Alex Gopher  The Child (Ft: Billie Holiday)
5 Gotan Project  Last Tango In Paris
6 Suba Felicidade
7 Nina Simone Feelin' Good (Joe Claussell Remix)

8 Jimmy Scott When Did You Leave Heaven (John Beltran Remix)
9 DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo  Fu Yu
10 Thievery Corporation  Until The Morning
11 Billie Holiday Nice Work If You Can Get It (Rondo Bros Remix)
12 Tosca Ocean Beat

$ 7.00

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