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Larry Victor was an actor and singer from the New York area. He starred in many TV shows and musicals including Brian Gari's A HARD TIME TO BE SINGLE. He sang on the cast album but was stricken with AIDS in 1992 and passed away at the age of 33. This CD is culled from the only known recorded show he did that was on videotape (and transferred for this recording) plus 4 demos he recorded with Brian Gari in the studio.
1 Everybody Says Don't (from Anyone Can Whistle) 
2 Dialogue
3 Medley - Happy Endings (from New York New York), The Girl Next Door, Zing! Went the strings of my heart
4 Dialogue
5 Home By Another Way  
6 Delores
7 Dialogue
8 Nat
9 Dialogue
10 Medley (I've Gotta Hear That Beat, It's A Most Unusual Day, Get Happy, THe Continential, Clap Yo Hands, Let Yourself Go)
11 Dialogue
12 Medley (Pieces of a dream, Alfie) 
13 Come to My House
14 Dialogue
15 Chuckle in the Moonlight
16 Dialogue
17 Our Time Will Soon Go By
18 Dialogue
19 Viva Las Vegas
20 Dialogue
21 Inbetween Song [Live]
22 Sweet Words Don't Scare My Lady (from A Hard Time To Be Single) 
23 Nat
24 A Hard Time to Be Single (from A Hard Time To Be Single) 
25 Some Things Don't Have to End (from A Hard Time To Be Single) 


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