Bright Light Bright Light - Life Is Easy LP VINYL (NEW)

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'Life Is Easy' builds on the success of Bright Light Bright Light's debut pop album championed by Billboard, Time Out, Sirius XM and Pet Shop Boys. Enlisting Elton John for a duet, Scissor Sisters' Del Marquis for guitar and vocals. 'Life Is Easy' packs a pop punch to match major label offerings.

Note: This is our last copy of this LP - It is  New but the cellophane is coming apart on the cover but is still sealed and unplayed.  

 1. Everything I Ever Wanted
  2. There Are No Miracles
  3. I Wish We Were Leaving (with Elton John)
  4. An Open Heart
  5. Good Luck
  6. I Believe
  7. Lust For Life
  8. More Than Most
  9. In Your Care
  10. Too Much
  11. Happiness

$ 40.00

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