12 Inches Of Pleasure Part II (PROMO CD)

borderline MUSIC

Promo only CD release 

1 Ski Oakenfull New Orleans Under Attack
2 D'Nell 1st Magic Groove (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
3 Ski Oakenfull Heavenly (Yam Who? Mix)
4 Roy Ayers Liquid Love (Phlash Edit)
5 Roy Ayers Sugar (Joey Negro Dub)
6 Roy Ayers I Am Your Mind (Aaron Jerome Mix)
7 Roy Ayers Brand New Feeling (Fanatix Mix)
8 Roy Ayers Come To Me (Franck Roger Main Mix)
9 Roy Ayers Searching (Yoruba Soul Mix)
10 Roy Ayers Holiday (Dope Pass)
11 Shawn Lee Mary Jane (Psapp Remix)

$ 4.99

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