Adele - Rolling in the Deep / Someone Like You (MIXES) CD Single

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Artist  Adele
 Title  Rolling in the Deep / Someone Like You (MIXES)
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $10.98


DJ series compilation and pressing - made by DJs for DJs.  HOT Club Mixes and a great mash-up with MOBYS hit single Extreme ways. plus a bonus rare remix of SOMEONE LIKE YOU.
Track Listings
  1. johnny lawson remix
  2. Dan Clarke club mix
  3. Lenny b. club mix
  4. Oliver Watts JBH vocal club mix
  5. extreme ways in the deep vs. MOBY mash-up
  6. DUB Step remix
  7. Massive Remix
  8. 8BarZ remix
  9. dark intensity remix
  10. Someone Like You (the Thin Red Man remix)) BONUS

$ 10.98

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