Al B. Sure ft: Diana Ross : No Matter What You Do / Al'l Justify Your Love 12" remix LP VINYL - Used

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Original 1991 12" Remix LP VINYL -Used near mint/

Side One: ft: Diana Ross 

No Matter What You Do (Young 'n' Strong)

No Matter What You Do (Last so long radio edit) 

No Matter What You Do (The day That You Came) 


Side Two:

Al'l Justify Your Love  (covers Madonna's iconic song JUSTIFY MY LOVE) using her lyrics and changing some of them as Al B. responds to Madonna with Al'l (I'll) Justify Your Love - singing to Madonna! 

Justi-muzak (Instrumental) 

Missunderstanding (ft: Moni Love)  (as Sure! as Monie's in the middle Mix) 

$ 9.00

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