Bananarama - Twelve Inches of Bananarama CD (New)

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Artist  Bananarama
 Title  Twelve Inches of Bananarama CD
 Region  Import - U.K.
 Price  $16.98



2006 digitally remastered, Official collection of extended versions and remixes of hits by the British girl group. Includes long sought versions of "Really Sayin Something", "Shy Boy", "Cruel Summer", "I Heard A Rumour", "Nathan Jones" and many more. A true necessity for longtime fans and 80's aficionados! 

This is a official CD. 12" Collection housed in a Jewel Case 

Track Listings
  1. Really Saying Something (EXTENDED MIX) 4.01
  2. Shy Boy (12'' MIX) 5.52
  3. Cruel Summer (THE DIGITAL MIX) 6.02
  4. Venus (EXTENDED CLUB MIX) 7.22
  5. More Than Physical  (GARAGE MIX) 8.45
  6. Trick Of The Night (THE NUMBER ONE MIX) 8.18
  7. I Heard A Rumour (HOROSCOPE MIX) 5.53
  8. Love, Truth & Honesty (HOT POWER MIX) 9.17
  9. Nathan Jones  (12'' MIX) 5.20
  10. Only Your Love (YOUTH & TRASH) 6.33
  11. Preacher Man  (SHEP'S CLUB MIX) 7.19
  12. Tripping On Your Love (GEORGE MICHAEL'S METROPOLIS MIX) 3.39

$ 16.98

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