Bananarama - DRAMA (2019 3 CD Expanded / Deluxe Edition) CD

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2019 three CD set, the first ever expanded edition of Bananarama's ninth studio album, Drama (2005). Includes all the commercially released club remixes, edits and dubs of it's two singles as well as the original album's bonus tracks and a non-album CD Single B-side, 'Live In The Sun' to complete this comprehensive celebration.

Lead single 'Move In My Direction' put Bananarama back in the UK singles charts for the first time in 12 years reaching #14 in August 2005, then their dancefloor smash, a re-versioning of classic Italo Disco track 'Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)' gave them a #26 hit just 3 months later. "Drama" was also the first album to be released in Bananarama's native UK for 12 years, heralding a British 'comeback' of sorts.

This deluxe packaged re-issue comes with a full color 20 page lyric and photo booklet including a specially written introduction from Keren and Sara. The album, an upbeat electro-pop blend of elements of '70s disco and contemporary electronica, employed a number of top end collaborators. Bananarama worked with a select team of world renowned producers and songwriters, including Ian Masterson, Mute8 and Sweden's Murlyn; a production team that created an album of eleven newly recorded electropop tracks that were originally released with two bonus tracks re-instated herewith; Marc Almond's Hi-NRG remix of a version of their 1986 smash hit 'Venus' and an all new remix of a version of their 1982 hit, 'Really Saying Something' - which had been an underground club hit produced by Solasso.

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