Betty Boo - Boomania (UK original LP VINYL) 1990 - Used Like New

borderline MUSIC

1990 original UK LP - in ex!! condition - w/ hype sticker  on cover (and original price tag) 

Madonna once said when she was starting Maverick Records she wished she could sign BETTY BOO to her label. Pop Dance Hip Hop - 

side one

Where are you baby?

Hey DJ/ I can't dance (to that music you're playing)

Boo is booming

Boo's Boogie

24 Hours

Valentine's Day 

side two

Doin' the Do (King John 7" Mix)

Doin' it to Def

Don't know what to do 


Mumbo Jumbo

Leave me Alone

Hey DJ / I Can't Dance to that music you're playing - music video:

Where are you baby? music video:

Doin' The Do music video :





$ 22.00

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