Betty Grable ‎– Silver Screen Star Series LP VINYL

borderline MUSIC

selections from 16 of her film and TV appearances from 1930 - 1970!

not sure the release date - assuming early 70s 


1A Whoopee  1930
2A The Gay Divorcee  1934
3A Pigskin Parade  1936  (with Johnny Downs & Judy Garland)
4A Man About Town  1939
5A Tin Pan Alley  1940
6A Moon Over Miami  1941
7A A Yank In The R.A.F.  1941
8A Songs Of The Islands 1942
1B Footlight Serenade 1942
2B Sweet Rosie O'Grady  1943
3B Coney Island 1943
4B Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe  1946
5B Mother Wore Tights 1947
6B Wabash Avenue  1950
7B Academy Awards Telecast  1957 Lullaby of Broadway w/Harry James 
8B Hello, Dolly!  1970  (From the Carol Burnett Show) 

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