Bloodhounds of Broadway DVD

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 Title  Bloodhounds of Broadway DVD
 Region  USA
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Produced for theatrical released by PBS' American Playhouse, 'Bloodhounds of Broadway' uses a Damon Runyon story as inspiration.

The scene is Broadway: the time is New Year's Eve, 1928. When Murderers rubbed elbows with High society & gangsters ruled Broadway in NYC. Murder, cabaret nights, dames, gambling, diamonds, sex & New Years Eve 1928. All this is happening while 2 bloodhounds are hot on the trail of who committed the murder. 'Dick Tracy's got nothin' on this movie'.

Beautiful costumes, sets and action. Starring: MADONNA, Julie Hagerty ( AIRPLANE), Randy Quaid, Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), Esai Morales, Ethan Phillips / Finally Release on DVD: 5/4/2004 Director: Howard Brookner . 1989 Subtitles: English, Spanish Original Language: English Run Time: 90 Minutes

MADONNA does perform 2 scenes in the nightclub singing & dancing. NEW LOW PRICE

$ 15.00

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