Blue Mercedes - Rich and Famous 1988 LP VINYL + 2 remix 12" singles - Used

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Blue Mercedes debut album on Vinyl (Cleaned and tested) + 2 REMIX 12"  singles Used. 

Blue Mercedes were a pop music duo from London, England. comprising of David Titlow and Duncan Millar. Their debut album, Rich and Famous was produced by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow for PWL.



1. Love Is The Gun (PROMO) - 4 remixes (Miami 5-0 Mix, Miami Instrumental Mix, Street Latin Wolff Mix, Street Latin Wolff DUB) 

2. I Want To Be Your Property 12" - 3 Remixes (Street Latin Wolff Mix, DEF B4 Dishonour Mix, Terence Yo-You Mix) - Note: sleeve wear

2.  RICH AND FAMOUS - full LP  

 I Want to be your Property  #1 Billboard Club Hit 

See Want Must Have  #18 Billboard Club Hit 

Love is the gun   #5 Billboard Club Hit 

Welcome To Lovesville

Your Secret is safe with me 


I Hate New York


Heaven On Earth

Run For your love

Crunchy Love Affaire 

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