Breakfast Club - 1987 LP VINYL (used) Record

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Original 1987 LP Vinyl - Grammy nominated group for Best New Artist features Madonna's former band making it big in 1987 using Madonna's fame at the time, but they put out a great 80's pop album. Features the hits: Never Be The Same, Right On Track & Expressway To Your Heart that hit the top 10

band members featured Dan Gilroy, Ed Gilroy, Gary Burke & Stephen Bray (who wrote and/or produce many of Madonna's singles : Angel, True Blue, Into The Groove, Spotlight, Causing A Commotion, Express Yourself, Keep It Together plus many / many non-album singles) 

Breakfast Club will always have a place in history as the band that featured two of Madonna's ex-boyfriends -- drummer Stephen Bray and singer Dan Gilroy -- as well as Madonna herself. The group was formed in New York in the late 70’s by brothers Dan and Ed Gilroy. The band went through several line-ups including one in which Madonna was drummer and occasional lead singer; however, she eventually left to form a new band Emmy and then went solo and well-- we know what happened then!

 By the mid 80’s, the band consisted of the Gilroy brothers (guitars), Gary Burke (bass), and Stephen Bray (drums). Both Bray and Burke had previously been Madonna's bandmates in Emmy. Later Randy Jackson joined the Group.

 In 1987 the band was signed to a label MCA and the album was released  spawning a Top Ten hit ("Right On Track") and led to a Best New Artist nomination at the 1988 Grammy Awards. Plus the singles ("Kiss and Tell') went to #48 and ("Expressway To Your Heart") hit #30 on the dance charts and ("Never Be The Same") hit #8 on the US Dance Charts. 


Never Be The Same 4:02
Right On Track 4:16
Kiss And Tell 4:22
Always Be Like This 3:42
Rico Mambo 4:26
Expressway To Your Heart 4:10
Specialty 4:24
Standout 3:57
Tongue Tied 4:23

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