Britney Spears Work Bitch - The Remixes CD single (DJ)

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Artist  Britney Spears
 Title  Work Bitch - The Remixes CD single
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $11.98


Dj collection of all the remixes with full packaging. DJ service compilation and pressing housed in slim case. 
Track Listings
  1. 7th Heaven Radio Mix
  2. 7th Heaven Club Mix
  3. DANK Radio Mix
  4. DANK Club Mix
  5. Richard Vission Remix
  6. Shahaf Moran Trap Remix
  7. Monsieur Adi Remix
  8. The Jane Doze Remix
  9. Virtual Riots Remix
  10. Mightyfools Remix
  11. Dj Fm$teff extended Mix
  12. Dj Fm$teff Totalmix
  13. Edson Pride Remix

$ 11.98

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