Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night (Promo) CD


Promo CD housed in jewel case - Promo info on disc and EMI sticker on outer jewel case. This original cover (Collectible)  featured parts based on the famous photomontage 'Lonely Metropolitan' (1932) by the Bauhaus artist and designer Herbert Bayer. No credit to Bayer was given. One year after the album's release it was reissued, with the Bayer-influenced elements (the hands) removed from the artwork –  due to legal action by Bayer's estate.


No Path To Follow 1:04
We Are The Night 6:33
All Rights Reversed 4:42
Saturate 4:49
Do It Again 5:32
Das Spiegel 5:51
The Salmon Dance 3:40
Burst Generator 6:52
A Modern Midnight Conversation 5:56
Battle Scars 5:50
Harpoons 2:25
The Pills Won't Help You Now 6:41

$ 15.00

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