Cheryl Ladd - Dance Forever (1979)

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Artist  Cheryl Ladd
 Title  Dance Forever (1979)
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $16.98




Mastered from the Original 1979 LP Vinyl (not digitally re-mastered) you do here the vinyl crackle/pops. The only way to get this release. This Album was Cheryl's second release in 1979 during the height of Charlie's Angels
  Track Listings
  1. Dance Forever
  2. Better Days
  3. Still Awake
  4. One The Run
  5. Teach Me Tonight
  6. You're The Only one I ever Needed
  7. Thunder in the Distance
  8. Missing You
  9. Whatever Would I Do Without You
  10. Rock and Roll Slave

$ 16.98

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