Cheryl Ladd - Take A Chance (1981) CD

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Artist  Cheryl Ladd
 Title  Take A Chance (1981) CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $15.98



Mastered from the Original 1981 LP Vinyl onto CD for the First time. You do sometimes hear the vinyl crackle/pop. The only way to get this release. This Album was Cheryl's 3rd and final release (Only in Japan) in 1981. 

CD compiled and pressed via a DJ service - the only way to get this release on CD. On HD Glossy disc w. artwork in standard jewel case. 

Also available on CD. 'Cheryl Ladd '78" (debut album) and 'Dance Forever'.
 Track Listings
  1. Take A Chance
  2. Fascinated
  3. Hold on to Love
  4. I Love How You Love Me
  5. Television
  6. Just another lover tonight
  7. Cold as Ice
  8. Lesson From the Leaving
  9. Try A Smile
  10. The Fool In Me
  11. It's Only Love
  12. Victim of the Circumstance

$ 15.98

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