Culture Club - Japanese Singles Collection: Greatest Hits - SHM-CD + DVD [Import] New


Culture Club Japanese Singles Collection -Greatest Hits- features 2022 remastering. Features the high-fidelity SHM-CD format. Comes with lyrics and a description. Comes with a booklet with Japanese single cover artwork collection.

CD Compilation, Stereo, SHM-CD
CD : Japanese Singles
CD-1 Mystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whiskey Song) 3:38
CD-2 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 4:24
CD-3 Time (Clock Of The Heart) 3:46
CD-4 Church Of The Poison Mind 3:35
CD-5 Karma Chameleon 4:03
CD-6 Miss Me Blind 4:34
CD-7 The War Song 4:01
CD-8 The Medal Song 4:27
CD-9 Don't Go Down That Street 4:00
CD-10 Love Is Love 3:53
CD-11 Move Away 4:23
CD-12 God Thank You Woman 4:17
CD-13 I Just Wanna Be Loved 3:54
CD-14 Your Kisses Are Charity (Blouse & Skirt Mix) 4:22
CD-15 I'll Tumble 4 Ya 2:39
CD-16 Miss Me Blind / It's A Miracle (US 12" Mix) 9:12
CD-17 The War Song (Japanese Version) 4:01
CD-18 Mistake No.3 4:38
DVD : Music Videos (NTSC) 
DVD-1 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 4:31
DVD-2 Time (Clock Of The Heart) 3:40
DVD-3 Church Of The Poison Mind 3:28
DVD-4 I'll Tumble 4 Ya 2:38
DVD-5 Karma Chameleon 3:56
DVD-6 Victims 4:51
DVD-7 Miss Me Blind 4:47
DVD-8 It's A Miracle 3:25
DVD-9 The War Song 4:08
DVD-10 The Medal Song 4:21
DVD-11 Mistake No.3 4:40
DVD-12 Love Is Love 4:26
DVD-13 Move Away 4:07
DVD-14 God Thank You Woman 4:22
DVD-15 I Just Wanna Be Loved 3:34
DVD-16 Your Kisses Are Charity 3:52
DVD-17 Cold Shoulder 3:54

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