Cybill Shepherd does Cole Porter 70's LP Vinyl w/ Poster - Used promo

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Actress Cybill Shepherd started her career as a model, singer and actress -- This was her 2nd album covering classic COLE PORTER songs. The album produced by Peter Bogdanovich Music arranged and conducted by Artie Butler  - Includes original fold-out poster 34x36"  - promo hole bottom right side. 


Let's Do It 

Find Me A Primitive Man

But In The morning No (riding) 

My Heart belongs to daddy

But In The morning No (Figures) 

Kate the Great 

But in the morning no (football) 

Anything Goes


Give him the Oo-la-la

But In The morning No (Poker) 

Always true to you in my fashion

Let's Misbehave 

Brush up your Shakespeare 

$ 15.00

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