Cyndi Lauper - Unreleased Rare REMIXES (Vol. 1) DJ CD

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Artist  Cyndi Lauper
 Title  Unreleased REMIXES CD
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $13.98



Complied and pressed from a DJ service - collection of rare, unreleased or out of print REMIXES. Please note: I Drove All Night and All Through The Night are both a bit lower audio quality but are Rare Mixes.  CD pressed on HQ glossy disc w/ front and back artwork.

Format: CD

Also available: Vol. 2 

Track Listings
  1. You Don't Know (Jr. Vasquez Club Mix) 7:51
  2. Time After Time (2006 J&C Mix) 6:23
  3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Junior's 2000 Mix) 7:02
  4. I Drove All Night (2000 White Label Mix) 4:38
  5. Disco Inferno (2002 Guido Osorio Divine Mix) 8:13
  6. True Colors (Jr. Vasquez Pride Mix) 13:37
  7. Shine (Illicit Vocal Mix) 8:37
  8. All Through The Night (Dark Knight Mix) 6:00
  9. Walk On By (Tracy Young Remix) 7:02
  10. Higher Plane (Eddie X Club Mix) 8:26

$ 14.98

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