D:FUSE - Begin (Debut DJ CD) Used


2004 release featuring JES  (of 'Motorcycle' fame) on 5 tracks

D:FUSE is recognized the world over as one of the preeminent trance DJs. With the release of ‘Begin’ D:FUSE showcases his production skills, revealing an awesome combination of driving, progressive trance anthems like "The Other Side" and "A Light Less Broken" along with vocal filed tunes like "Living the Dream," "Everything With You" and "Into Me".


2 Everything With You (ft: JES)
3 Indecision (with Blueletter)(Chill Version) 
4 Into Me  (ft: JES)
5 Missing Home (Interlude)
6 Other Side (with Pete Lorimer)
7 A Light Less Broken (featuring Pete Lorimer)
8 Deep Seduction (with Mark Horwood)
9 Know It's Late
10 Living the Dream  (ft: JES)
11 Blue Skies
12 Letter To a Friend
13 Everything With You (Marteen & Jes's Radio Mix)  (ft: JES)
14 Living the Dream (D:Fuse & Lorimer's Chill version)  (ft: JES)

$ 5.00

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