Darren Hayes -This Delicate Film We've Made DVD (NEW)

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Wow- what a find - official DVD -New /factory sealed. VERY Collectible.

Visual experience created by Darren for his album "This Delicate Thing We've Made"

2008 Release by Darren's label

66 minutes 

PAL coded! (make sure your player supports PAL coded DVD's = this item is non-returnable if opened)

bonus music videos  "On the verge of something wonderful" &  "Me Myself And I"


1 A Fear Of Falling Under
2 Who Would Have Thought
3 Waking The Monster
4 How To Build A Time Machine
5 Neverland
6 Step Into The Light
7 Casey
8 Setting Sun
9 Words
10 A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do
11 Maybe
12 A Conversation With God
13 On The Verge Of Something Wonderful - music video
14 Me, Myself And I  -music video

$ 99.00

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