Dead Can Dance -- A Passage In Time CD - Used

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1991 release "A passage in time" is a collection of previously released works which includes two new pieces specially recorded for this compilation.


Song Of Sophia



Ullyses 4:53
Cantara 5:53
The Garden Of Zephirus 1:18
Enigma Of The Absolute 4:12
Wilderness 1:24
The Host Of Seraphim 6:21
Anywhere Out Of The World 5:05
The Writing On My Fathers Hand 3:50
Severance 3:21
The Song Of The Sybil 3:45
Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book 6:03
In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings 4:09
Bird 5:00
Spirit 4:5

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