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 You slipped into my life as easily as vermouth into a glass of gin, purrs reclusive singing star Angela Arden, as played by camp icon Charles Busch ("Psycho Beach Party"). Arden is not only haunted by a secret, she's treated like dirt by her louse of a husband (Phillip Baker Hall, "Boogie Nights"), her snoopy maid (Frances Conroy, "Six Feet Under"), and her petulant daughter (Natasha Lyonne, "Slums of Beverly Hills"). Only her mentally defective son (Stark Sands) and a well-endowed gigolo (Jason Priestley, "Beverly Hills 90210") treat her with love and affection. Is it any wonder she takes drastic action to improve her life? Replete with lurid sex, incestuous overtones, a poisoned suppository, musical numbers, an acid freakout, and black-and-white flashbacks, "Die Mommie Die!" lovingly sends up movie soap operas. The tone is uneven, but Busch skillfully walks a razor-sharp line throughout.

Includes tons of special features 

 Rated R - -90 min.


One of the best LGBTQ films  If you loved GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS you are gonna love DIE MOMMIE DIE! 

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