DJ David Knapp - The White Party 2 (1997) CD - Used

Borderline MUSIC


1997 CD  - Disc has lots of marks but nothing concerning - great low price 

1 Eve Gallagher Love Come Down (T-Empo's Dark Secrets Mix)
2 Hannah Jones No One Can Love You More Than Me
3 Gisele Jackson Love Commandments (Danny Tenaglia Remix)
4 Deep Zone Feat. Ceybil Jefferies It's Gonna Be Alright (DJ Guan's Mix)
5 Dolly Parton  Peace Train (Junior Vasquez  Arena Anthem)
6 Brainbug Nightmare
7 Future Breeze Why Don't You Dance With Me (Sequential One Extended Mix)
8 Carrapicho Tic Tic Tac (Play Hard House Mix)
9 Duke So In Love With You (Full Intention Mix)
10 GrooveboxFeat. Evelyn Thomas One World (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)
11 De'Lacy Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix)

$ 2.00

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