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Well-known as one of Madonna's longtime featured vocalist, Donna De Lory has written, produced and independently distributed her n 2001 album "Bliss". Donna and her musical partner cellist, Cameron Stone came from wildly varying backgrounds to forge a common bond in their love of music. For Donna, music was ingrained in her soul literally before her birth in Malibu Canyon, CA. Her grandfather played upright bass and cello for the Warner Bros.Studio Orchestra, her father was a studio musician and producer for people like The Beach Boys, Phil Spector and Glen Campbell, and her mother a singer/dancer. Donna was formerly signed with MCA Records as a solo artist in 1993, where her self-titled album spawned a number-one hit in Japan and a top 10 song on the Billboard dance charts.

In 1994, after finishing a world tour with Madonna, she collaborated with Cameron Stone and created the music for BLISS. BAND MEMBERS on this album includes Cameron Stone (Tracy Chapman, Jewel) on cello and guitar, bassist, Mark Browne (Melissa Etheridge), Donna De Lory playing harmonium, werlitzer & percussion and drummers :Jay Bellerose (Paula Cole) and Quinn. see also Donna DELORY 

Format: CD (Direct from Donna )


On and On

Hold Me Now

Where I've Never Been

Only Time

Go Talk To Mary 

Love Never Dies


Te Amo


Woman's Pride

Amazing Grace 

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