Donna Summer To Paris With Love (Remix CD)

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  1.  Artist  Donna Summer
     Title  To Paris With Love CD Single
     Region  IMPORT
     Price  $11.98


12 official Mixes on a DJ CDr glossy HQ Pressing housed in a slim case with cover artwork. Type in DONNA SUMMER under our search bar to view ALL titles by Donna. This was her last Single release from 2011. Thank you for the Music! You will be missed.
Track Listings
  1. Original version
  2. Original Radio Edit
  3. Wawa radio edit
  4. Wawa extended mix
  5. Mendy radio edit
  6. Mendy club mix
  7. Craigs C radio blaster remix
  8. Craig C Master blaster
  9. David Huerrero mix
  10. Dj Dig Lazor disco mix
  11. Eddie Amador mix
  12. Automatic Panic mix

$ 11.98

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