Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (DJ CD remix single)

borderline MUSIC

Dj service compilation and pressing - all the official and unofficial (but HOT!) remixes on a HQ glossy disc w/ cover art. 

Remixes by  Dirty Disco, Purple Disc Machine, Matt Consola, Tommie Sunshine, Zach Witness, Dom Dolla + more.


1. Pink Panda Radio Edit 

2. Dom Dolla Remix

3. Purple Disco Machine remix edit

4. Matt Consola & Aaron Altemose Rip city boys remix

5. Tommie Sunshine & Bitch Be Cool Remix

6. Zach Witness Remix (Midnight Monsters Version)

7. Dirty Disco Mainrooom Remix

8. Dom Dolla Extended Remix

9. Ranny Extended Remix

10. Ashley Izco Remix

11. Pink Panda Remix

12. Handbag House "Bruises" Remix

13. Handbay House "Bruises" Instrumental Mix

14. Matt Consola & Aaron Altemose Rip City Boys DUB 

$ 9.98

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