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Official 2006 CD set  Full Intention Celebrate 10 Years at the Forefront of the House Music Scene. Full Intention Are as A-list a Production Team as You Can Find. The First Two Discs of this Set Are Extremely Accessible, featuring Tracks from Superstars Like George Michael, Brandy, Christina Milian and the Masters at Work Themselves and Are DJ Mixed to Perfection, with Added Effects and Edits to Appeal to Anyone who Loves a Great, Energetic Mix CD.

The Unmixed Third Disc Collects 10 Hard to Find Full Length Full Intention Remixes, Making this an Essential Purchase for the Serious House Collector.  

Track Listing

CD 1

1.  Dina Vass – The Love I Have For You (Full Intention Club Mix)     5:03    

1b  Supafly vs Fishbowl – Let's Get Down (Accapella)        

2    Full Intention – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Full Intention Mix)     4:16    

3     Brandy – Full Moon (Full Intention Club Mix)     3:16     

4a   Christina Milian –     Dip It Low (Full Intention Club Mix)     5:09    

4b   Full Intention –     It's Set To Groove (Accapella)        

5a   Bon Garçon –     Freek U (Full Intention Club Mix)     4:31    

5b  Salsoul Orchestra, The –     Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Accapella)        

6    Dajaé & Full Intention – What Do You Want?     5:01    

7a   Powerhouse I Got What You Need (Full Intention Remix)     4:46    

7b  Junior Jack – E-Samba (Accapella)        

 Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol – (Do The) Spanish Hustle     4:01    

9   Junior Jack – E Samba (Full Intention Remix)     4:50    

10   T-Connection –  Do What You Wanna Do (Full Intention Remix)     5:09    

11a     Supafly vs Fishbowl – Let's Get Down (Full Intention Club Mix)     5:17    

11b     Full Intention – A Definite Strangeness (Accappella)        

12a   Duke –     So In Love With You (Full Intention Remix)  4:31    

12b  The Fog –     Been A Long Time (Accapella)        

13  George Michael –  Amazing (Full Intention Dub)  3:31    

14  Full Intention Presents Shena – I'll Be Waiting (Gray & Pearn Club Mix)     4:45    

15  Salsoul Orchestra, The – Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Full Intention Dub)     3:37    

16  Masters At Work – To Be In Love (Full Intention Remix)     4:56    

17a  Essence  How Long (Full Intention Dub)     2:22    

17b  Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie –     Tears (Accapella)        

18  Full Intention –  Soul Power (Main Mix)     3:19    


CD 2

1   Sex-O-Sonique I Thought It Was You (12 Inch Mix)     3:41    

2   The Fog –  Been A Long Time (Full Intention Remix)     5:02    

3a  Da Mob Featuring Jocelyn Brown – It's All Good (Full Intention Remix)     5:17    

3b Ministers De La Funk – Believe (Accapella)        

4   Full Intention – Give Me Your Love   4:47    

5a   Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie –Tears (Full Intention Remix) 6:41    

5b  Essence  – How Long (Accapella)        

6  Freemasons Feat Amanda Wilson Love On My Mind (Full Intention Remix)  4:32    

Una Mass I Will Follow (Full Intention Club Mix)    5:25    

8a  Awa Band – Timba (Full Intention Club)    3:31    

8b  Full Intention –     Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Accapella)        

9   Bob Sinclar –  Love Generation (Full Intention Remix)     6:33    

10a  Full Intention –  I Believe In You     5:32    

10b  Full Intention –  A Definite Strangeness (Accappella)        

11  Mood II Swing –  Can't Get Away (Full Intention Remix)     5:47    

12   Full Intention –  A Definite Strangeness (Full Intention 2004 Remix)     4:47    

13  Full Intention –  It's Set To Groove     3:16    

14a  Full Intention – Musique     5:47    

14b  Bon Garçon Freek U (Accapella)        

15   Full Intention – Deep Inside     3:01    

16  Full Intention – America (I Love America)     4:37    


CD 3 - Unmixed Bonus Disc

1  Full Intention Presents Deep Down It Seems To Hang On     6:23    

 Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie Tears (Full Intention Dub)     7:14    

 Teena Marie –  I Need Your Lovin' (Full Intention Remix)  7:07     

 Salsoul Orchestra, The – Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Full Intention Club Mix)     7:15    

5  Da Mob – It's All Good (Full Intention Remix)  7:13    

6   East 57th St. Featuring Donna Allen – Saturday (Full Intention Club Mix)     6:47    

7   T Connection – Do What You Wanna Do (Full Intention Remix)     6:53    

8  Essence  –  How Long     6:07    

9  Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol – (Do The) Spanish Hustle (Gray & Pearn Remix)     7:10    

10  Ultra Naté –  Free (Full Intention Club Mix)     6:50  

Product details

  • Audio CD (March 6, 2006)
  • Original Release Date: January 1, 2006
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Format: Import
  • Label: Connected

$ 25.00

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