Gioia (Exposé ) - your love is lifting me (higher & higher) CD Maxi Single

borderline MUSIC

Remake of the Disco Classic remade by Gioia (front woman from EXPOSE'). Hot remixes on this one, in particular, the Josh Harris Mix is a stand out mix!! Did you know Gioia's been releasing solo tracks and one amazing full CD -- type in Gioia under our search bar to view her full cd. this track is not found on the full cd. she is also featured on QUEER AS FOLK soundtracks. Direct from Gioia herself.

Track Listings
  1. Josh Harris Club Mix  9.13
  2. Almighty Club Mix  8.33
  3. Dena Cucci Dub  8.21
  4. Josh Harris Dub  8.05
  5. Josh Harris Radio Mix  4.14
  6. Almighty Radio Edit  3.43

$ 10.00

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