Gwen Stafani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby (Import DELUXE) 2CD set w/ Mixes / Live - Used CD


Import 2 CD set - bonus disc features REMIXES and Live versions.

CD 1 - features the bonus track ''The Real Thing'' Remix by Wendy and Lisa who also play keyboards and guitar on the track.

What you waiting for? 

Rich Girl 

Hollaback Girl 

Bubble Pop Electric 



The Real Thing


Danger zone

Long way to go 

BONUS: The Real Thing (Wendy And Lisa Slow Jam Mix) 3:36


1. What you waiting for? (Jacques Lu Cont TWD Mix) 8:04

2. What you waiting for? (Jacques Lu Cont TWD DUB) 8:21

3. What you waiting for? (LIVE) 3:43

4. Harajuku Girls (LIVE) 4:37

5. Hollaback Girl (Hollatronix remix by Diplo) 2:45

6. Cool (Photekk Remix main version) 5:49

7. Hollaback Girl (Dancehollaback remix by Tony Kanal)  6:52


$ 15.00

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