HAIR - American Tribal Love Rock Musical 2CD - Used

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Double CD - gatefold sleeve

Track Listings

1 Aquarius
2 Donna - Will Swenson
3 Hashish
4 Sodomy
5 Colored Spade
6 Manchester England
7 I'm Black/Ain't Got No - Will Swenson
8 Sheila Franklin/I Believe In Love
9 Ain't Got No Grass
10 Air - Sasha Allen
11 Kama Sutra/The Stone Age - Will Swenson
12 I Got Life
13 Initials
14 Going Down - Will Swenson
15 Hair - Will Swenson
16 My Conviction - Andrew Kober
17 Easy To Be Hard - Caissie Levy
18 Don't Put It Down - Will Swenson
19 Frank Mills - Allison Case
20 Hare Krishna/Be-In



Where Do I Go?


22 Electric Blues - Steel Burkhardt
23 Oh Great God Of Power/Manchester England [Reprise]
24 Black Boys - Tommar Wilson
25 White Boys - Saycon Sengbloh
26 Walking In Space
27 Minuet/African Drums - Broadway Cast
28 Yes I's Finished On Y'All's Farmlands - Tommar Wilson
29 Four Score/Abie Baby - Tommar Wilson
30 Give Up All Desires/Hail Mary/Roll Call - Megan Lawrence
31 Three-Five-Zero-Zero
32 What A Piece Of Work Is Man/How Dare They Try
33 Good Morning Starshine
34 Aquarius Goodnights/Ain't Got No/Yip Up The Sun
35 The Flesh Failures/Eyes Look Your Last/Let The Sun Shine In
36 Curtain Call: Hair [Reprise]
37 Curtain Call: Let The Sun Shine In [Reprise]

HAIR, featuring book and lyrics by the late Gerome Ragni and James Rado and music by Galt MacDermot, opened to rave reviews on Broadway March 31, 2009 at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Under the direction of Diane Paulus, Hair arrives on Broadway after a run as part of the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park 2008. Hair depicts the birth of a cultural movement in the '60s and '70s that changed America forever: The musical follows a group of hopeful, free-spirited young people who advocate a lifestyle of pacifism and free-love in a society riddled with intolerance and brutality during the Vietnam War. As they explore sexual identity, challenge racism, experiment with drugs and burn draft cards, the "tribe" in Hair creates an irresistible message of hope, peace and change that continues to resonate with audiences 40 years later.

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