Haley - All This Love (Import) CD

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2010 from the singer/songwriter, already loved by millions of dancers worldwide as the ethereal voice on hits from Kaskade and Deadmau 5. Haley's crystal-clear pipes immediately conjure comparisons to some of electronic music's most enduring voices: Kirsty Hawkshaw, Weekend Player's Rachel Foster and Jes. But this 29-year-old's roots are not in dance. With influences like Tori Amos and Jewel, Haley struggled to find a style of her own. She was first introduced to Electronic music by Kaskade, and she found her niche. "It fits my voice really well; better than all the other things I tried," she says. "I was trying to figure out, what is my style? What feels the most comfortable for me to sing? And with Electronic I immediately felt like, this is me!" Ultra.  Borderline recommends!



  •  This Is How If Goes
  •  Physical
  •  Falling in Love
  •  Letting You in
  •  Illuminating
  •  What Do You Say
  •  I'm Someone Else
  •  The Chance
  •  Midnight Light
  •  I Remember
  •  So Far Away (Kaskade Mix)
  • Move for Me (Kaskade Intro Mix)
  •  Rush

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