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No other label can guarantee your place in Disco Heaven, but Hed Kandi can! Get your hands in the air & get ready to receive some of the shiniest dance tunes to have ever graced your unholy ears! "Disco Heaven 01.05" delivers many exclusive and hard-to-find examples of the defining Kandi sound; big, funky, hands-in-the-air anthems with huge, commanding vocals that could polish even the most tarnished of glitterballs! In short, house music rarely sounds this good. Tracks come from Kandi's own LnM Projekt and their self-fulfilling track titled "Everywhere", the Radio 1 A-listed "Take Me Away" from StoneBridge, while Who Da Funk's "In The Night" and "Fade" by Solu Music further demonstrate the label's increasing prowess with artist projects. Other tracks include "Be My Friend" from Scape feat. D'Empress, Solitaire's glorious version of "You've Got The Love", Inaya Day's "Hold Your Head Up High" plus the massive Michael Grey number "The Weekend".

1. You Can Make It - Shawn Christopher (Jamie Lewis Classic Mix)
2. Pink Is the Colour - The K&M Project (Kupper's Heavenly Disco Mix)
3. I'll Be Good - Lisa Millett/The Soul Rebels (Soul Rebels Club Mix)
4. Take Me Away - Stonebridge/Therese (Mauve Vocal Mix)
4. Take Me Away - StoneBridge/Therese (Mauve Vocal Mix)
5. Come Back Home - Secret Sound
6. Feels Good - Mayhem & Bones (Club Mix)
7. Nightlights - Polyphonics (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)
8. Erotic Games - Soulshaker/Lorraine Brown (Soulshaker Club Mix) Hypnotic
9. Just Can't Wait (Saturday) - Jennifer John/100% (Stonebridge Club Mix)
10. Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Tibet Vocal) Can't Fake It - Andrea T. Mendoza/Steve Anderson (Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Tibet Vocal mix
11. Could It Be Magic - (Original Mix)
12. You Got the Love - Solitaire (Extended Club Mix)

1. Pop Muzak - Mousse T/Roachford (Ian Pooley Extended Mix)
2. Hold Your Head Up High - Inaya Day (Soul Avengerz Vocal mix)
3. Surrender - The Brand New Heavies (Grant Nelson Vocal Re-Rub mix)
4. Be My Friend - Scape/D'Empress (Michael Gray Remix)
5. Get Over Here - R.S. Faber (Club Mix)
6. The - Michael Gray (Original Mix) Weekend
7. So Many Times - Gadjo (Club Mix)
8. Stay Around - Milk & Sugar (Club Mix)
9. Strings of Life (Stronger on My Own) - Kathy Brown/Soul Central (Full Length Vocal mix)
10. Everywhere - Bonnie Bailey (Extended Mix)
11. Man in the Mirror - Rythme Fatal/Redd-Angel/Rhythme Fatal (Club Mix)
12. So Much Love to Give - Phobos/The Freeloaders (Basecore Mix)

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