Iggy Izalea ft: Charli XCX Fancy (The Remixes) Bounce,Change Your Life

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 Artist  Iggy Izalea ft: Charli XCX
 Title  Fancy (The Remixes) Bounce,Change Your Life
 Region  IMPORT
 Price  $9.98


One of the biggest hits of Summer 2014 This DJ collection of remixes includes a couple of her previous remixes "BOUNCE" and "Change Your Life" Made by DJ's for Dj's. Full artwork
Track Listings
  1. Fancy (Wideboys Remix) 3:26
  2. Fancy (GTA Remix) Dirty 4:12
  3. Fancy (Martin & Souza Remix) 5:06
  4. Fancy (Dabin and Apashe Remix) Dirty 3:55
  5. Fancy (Dabin and Apashe DUB) 2:39
  6. Fancy (DIrty Pop Deconstruction) 4:14
  7. Fancy (DIrty Pop Deconstruction Pt2) 5:43
  8. Bounce (Dj Green Lantern's Trap Remix) 4:24
  9. Change Your Life (Ft: T..) (Wideboys Remix) 6:04
  10. Change Your Life (Ft: T.I.) (Shift K3Y Remix) 5:22
  11. Fancy (Yellow Claw Remix) 3:36
  12. Fancy (Riddim Commission Remix) Clean 4:43
  13. Fancy (Dabin and Apashe Remix) Clean 3:26

$ 9.98

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