Information Society - Orders Of Magnitude (2016 CD)

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Information Society present ''Orders Of Magnitude'', All new recordings (2016) from the group of a songs that have influenced their sound and their style. From the In Soc-ified Winnie The Pooh staple Heffalumps and Woozles to the pop side of the Sisters Of Mercy, Orders Of Magnitude offers a glimpse into the influences behind one of the most innovative synthpop acts of our time.  New sale price -- 

A Borderline favorite !



  1. Praying to the Aliens  (Cover of Gary Numan's 1980 hit) 
  2. [We Don't Need This] Fascist Groove Thang  (Cover of Heaven 17's 1981 Hit) 
  3. Heffalumps and Woozles (ft: Ayria) (Original made famous by Winnie The Poo) 
  4. State of the Nation  (Covers FAD GADGET 1980 hit)
  5. Dominion (Covers 'Sisters of Mercy' 1988 hit)
  6. Kiss You All Over  (Covers the 1978 classic by 'EXILE')
  7. Beautiful World  (ft: Gerald V. Castle) (Covers DEVO's 1981 hit)
  8. Capital I  (Original Sesame Street song with their twist to it)

9. Don't You Want Me  (ft: Vitamin C) (Covers Human League's 80's hit) 

10. Man in the Dark Sedan  (Cover of Snakefinger's 1981 hit) 

11. Me and My Rhythm Box  (Covers Slava Tsukerman 1983 cult hit) 


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