IVY - Apartment Life CD - Used

borderline MUSIC

1997 CD

As the story goes, Ivy's singer Dominique Durand left her native France to move to New York City to better her English. Shortly after, she joined some fellow musicians, and voilá--the loss of the French is everybody's gain. Ivy take the breezy melodic structure of the Mamas and the Papas, kick in some Style Council-esque horns, add some of their own sense of style, and create one pop gem after another in the process. 

Track Listings

1 The Best Thing
2 I've Got A Feeling
3 This Is The Day
4 Never Do That Again
5 I Get The Message
6 Baker
7 You Don't Know Anything
8 Ba Ba Ba
9 Get Out Of The City
10 These Are The Things About You
11 Quick, Painless And Easy
12 Back In Our Town

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