Janet Jackson - Made For Now CD2 (The Remixes) CD Single DJ Pressing.

borderline MUSIC

Compilation and pressing via a DJ service - - CD2 

1. Dave Matthias Early Morning Radio Edit
2. Country Club Martini Crew Extended Remix
3. Dirty Werk Radio Mix
4. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
5. Twisted Dee, Diego Fernandez Radio Edit
6. Dirty Disco Tropical House Remix
7. Dirty Werk Extended Remix
8. Dave Matthias Early Morning Remix 
9. Dj Dan Mashup Mix (Mash-up with Annie Lennox's "Sing")
10. Dicey and Faraoh Black Extended Vocal Mix
11. Twisted Dee, Diego Fernandez Club Mix
12. Dirty Werk Dub 
13. Joe Gauthreaux, Leanh Club Dub Remix
14. Twisted Dee, Diego Fernandez Dubstrumental Mix
15. Dicey and Faraoh Black Dub 

$ 11.98

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