Jellybean - Spillin' The Beans (1991 Used CD)

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Used in VG+++ condition -- Madonna does not sing on any of these tracks but Jellybean and Niki Haris are Madonna related. 


1. What's It Gonna Be  (Ft: Niki Haris)

2. Do you love as good as you look  (Ft: Niki Haris) 

2. Spillin' the beans 

4. What's up

5. Not This Time

6. Don't let love come between us 

7. Love is a contact sport

8. Tightrope (Ft: Niki Haris) 

9. Absent minded love

10. Don't let it go to your heart

11. Secret Weapon (CD bonus track)

12. What's it gonna be 12" (All That Mix)  Bonus track ft; Niki Haris 

13. Do you love as good as you look 12" (Forever Funhouse Mix) Bonus track ft: Niki Haris 

14. Spillin' the beans 12" (Alzibar Mix) Bonus track

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