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Her debut "Disconnect" catapulted her into mainstream dance consciousness. Jes is undeniably an outstanding singer - her vocal talents have been used on collaborations with Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Gabriel & Dresden. She was also the vocalist of Motorcycle. "High Glow" remixes her self-proclaimed and utterly unique "rocktronica" sound. Borderline recommends ! 


Format: CD
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: 2010

Description: USED CD

1. Awaken
2. Closer  (CURE cover) 
3. Such a Long Time
4. Fame
5. Half Way Gone
6. Love Song
7. Do You Love Me
8. High Glow
9. It's Too Late
10. Where Are You
11. Same Mistake
12. Medicine
13. See Through
14. Unleash the Beat
15. All Night

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