Jody Watley - You Wanna Dance With Me (REMIXED) CD - Used

Borderline MUSIC

 Jody's 1989 remix CD featuring the hit singles from her 1st 2 solo albums. All the pop artists started releasing remix CDs after Madonna's YOU CAN DANCE Remix compilation: Paula Abdul, Sweet Sensation, New Kids, Fine Young Cannibals, Janet Jackson, Yazz, Blondie, Kylie Minogue and even Phil Collins. 

Markings on the disc -- cleaned and tested and all is good.

{PROMO} = Hole punch on the cover 

Track Listings

1 Still A Thrill (REMIX)
2 Friends With Eric B. & Rakim (REMIX)
3 Looking For A New Love (REMIX)
4 Real Love (REMIX)
5 L.O.V.E.R. (REMIX)
6 What'Cha Gonna Do For Me (REMIX)
7 Don't You Want Me (REMIX)
8 Most Of All (REMIX)
9 Some Kind Of Lover (REMIX)

$ 3.00

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