John Schneider - Too Good To Stop Now LP Vinyl - Used

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Actor and Singer John Schneider ( Duke Of Hazard  (1979-85) and Smallville from 2001-11 playing Clark Kent's Dad) 

1984, signed with MCA Nashville. Through MCA Nashville, Schneider released Too Good to Stop Now which included his first No. 1 hits, "I've Been Around Enough to Know" and "Country Girls," peaking at No. 1 on the CAN Country music charts.

Vinyl still in its cellophane (opened) 

s i d e    o n e 
I've Been Around Enough To Know 
What'll You Do About Me
Country Girls
Low Class Reunion 
Too Good To Stop Now 
s i d e    t w o 
The Time in my Life
The Party of the First Part
I'm your man 
Hollywood Heroes 

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