John Travolta - A Girl Like You (12" Disco LP Vinyl) 1979 - Used

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Original 1979 disco 12"  The Song is featured on both sides.  With the massive success of Saturday Night Fever -- this label released this track from an earlier John recording from 1978 off his album TRAVOLTA FEVER. 

 A Girl Like You (12") 7:05

(available on A and B side)


"I don't know what it's all about.
But I feel I'll soon find out; I'm sure, never felt this secure.
It's nothin' like I ever thought it would be,
Someone opened up a door for me.
A girl like, (I'm in love with)
Girl like you. (I'm in love with you.)
Must be you that caused this feelin' in me. (Must be you.)
You that fills me confidently, (Must be you.)
You that brings out the best in me.
You... Uhhhhhh... Nobody but you."


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